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Fill out the form below and submit. It is best not to use auto fill for this form, it doesn't come out correct. Please do not fill out the form until you are prepared to make your payment. Your registration form will be held for 72 hours. Registration will be complete when payment is received.

Call 0419 989 211 to receive bank information to pay by electronic funds transfer or to pay by credit card. No extra charge for bank transfers. Mastercard, Visa and AMEX is accepted with a 1.9% transaction fee. I am currently unable to take online payments other than PayPal.


You can use PayPal below for your transaction. (2.69% surcharge included in price). If using PayPal, you will still need to complete the form below.


Thanks for submitting!

(2.69% PayPal surcharge included in price)


If using PayPal, you will still need to complete the form above.


There are no refunds for cancelation of this course once the access password has been sent.


The Embodied Awareness course is for those desiring greater presence with themselves and others, and an ability to listen on a deeper level, feel more aware, accepting and safer in their own body.

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