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Dr. Michael Aaron is director and lead instructor of the Craniosacral Institute Australia and Embodied Awareness Courses and has led courses to health professionals and others in Australia, the United States and Italy since 1995. He has practiced integrative health care since 1978. Michael received his doctorate from Palmer College of Chiropractic-West in 1986.


In-office sessions with Dr. Aaron at Stillpoint Healthcare in Hahndorf, South Australia for craniosacral, somatic counselling or Zoom telecounselling/coaching sessions are available by contacting: +61 419 989 211

My Story

Although I have had embodiment practices in the form of meditation, dynamic breathwork, Hatha yoga, running, cycling and dance for 45 years, it wasn’t until the past 10 years that I really experienced the fruits of my labour. I received two wake up calls about 13 years ago in two separate courses. In one course it was brought to my awareness that I was not really present in my body, which was rather embarrassing at the time,  and in the other, I was coached to go into my body and the effects were dramatic to say the least. It changed everything for me. Since that time I have realised how important embodied presence is and I have been on a mission to share that with the world.

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