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Embodied Awareness

The Art of Listening and Presence Online

"The human soul doesn’t want to be advised or fixed or saved. It simply wants to be witnessed — to be seen, heard and companioned exactly as it is. When we make that kind of deep bow to the soul of a suffering person, our respect reinforces the soul’s healing resources, the only resources that can help the sufferer make it through." - Parker Palmer

Michael Aaron, D.C.

"I enjoyed the embodied awareness course very much and found great value in it. I  can see how important it is to have the skills of listening with presence already embodied within the student before they even start the core practices course. I am very glad I did embodied awareness first , as I now feel I can go into the core practices course with greater understanding and a personal practice established of listening with presence, and so am  ready to expand on my skills and understanding of Craniosacral therapy. Thank you." - Linda

“The safety, integrity and kindness of the space Michael and all the attendees created in the course was beautiful and I came away feeling truly in my body for the first time in my life.  I am now able to really listen to my family, my friends and my clients and offer the kind of presence and support they deserve. I am so grateful for the opportunity to be with those I love on a deeper level.” – Elissa

Embodied awareness refers to the practice of being fully present and attentive to the sensations, feelings, and movements of your body. It involves cultivating a deep connection with your physical self, acknowledging and experiencing sensations without judgment or interpretation. Embodied awareness practices, such as mindfulness meditation or somatic therapy, can help individuals become more attuned to their body and emotions, leading to increased self-awareness, relaxation, and overall well-being.


This 5-week self-paced online course is for those desiring greater presence with themselves and others. It is especially important for those working in the therapeutic setting although it is open to everyone.

  • Be more present and aware in your own body; experience how embodied awareness truly feels.

  • Learn how to pause and be present in the most challenging moments.

  • Learn to be more present and connected with others on a deeper level.

  • Practice listening and communicating with others so that they feel deeply heard and respected.

  • Examine the core beliefs, stories and traumatic imprints that get in the way of you being truly present.

  • Learn strategies for having embodied presence with a history of trauma.

  • Have greater calmness, clarity and ease being in the present moment.

  • Experience a greater sense of safety in your body.

“Michael’s Embodied Awareness course was a profound journey to self. I gained a deeper acceptance and awareness of myself and others. I felt held, seen, and safe throughout the duration of the course. The course content was extremely engaging and the online space was encouraging, trusting and supportive. I highly recommend this self empowering course.” - Sage

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